Clew Dubai

2022-01-16 -

Scope of Work:

  • Concept Development
  • Market Research

Inspired by waterfront villages & hamlets of Long Island, CLEW Dubai is home to bungalow-style beach club living & dining on the Palm at Club Vista Mare. Stories of food, culture & music spanning across Southern Europe, the Mediterranean, Long Island, Palm Beach, Spanish Coastal Villages, and North American Hamlets & Villages.

Promising barefoot luxury with a friendly, accessible & value-focused offering, CLEW Dubai is a refreshing beachfront property with well-designed expansive interiors & exteriors that bring to life the spirit of water, sun & sand & transition from day to night elegantly & with an inimitable personal vibe & energy.

The upper deck has resort like feel, with wooden decking large tropical green, overhead colonial fans & whiff of sun-kissed fragrances. A Clubhouse atmosphere rules the interiors of CLEW. With a centrally positioned 360 bar sitting comfortably in the middle, it brings the crowd in during the hot summer months. As we get closer to the beach, the lower deck is designed to give you the feeling of dining in a yacht anchored at bay.