Café & Bakery

2022-01-13 - With Lots of Love (and Butter)

Approached in 2013 by Hisham & Ashraf, 2 dynamic young entrepreneurs, armed with a great Franchise from New York but no location, we pulled a few strings that got them their now famous location ‘South Ridge, Downtown’ a perfect place to launch the famously delicious Clinton Street Baking, NY. (In retrospect, the Associates might have gone the extra mile just for a taste of their fantastic Pancakes in Dubai)

What followed was a whirlwind few months for RSI to head hunt the best F&B professionals from across the world. After Franchise training in the USA, the team of more than 25 underwent a rigorous Management training in our Restaurant Prototype Systems here in Dubai to help them launch effectively. Clinton Street opened up to Serpentine Queues in May 2014. Breakfast in Dubai has never been the same since!

Scope of work:

• Location sourcing support
• Entire Head Hunt Solutions
• Management & Staff Operational Trainings


Operational in Burj Views, Downtown, Dubai, since March 2014 | 5th Street, City Walk, Dubai