Emirati Café

2014-10-09 - Your Local Café

Scope of work:

  • Brand Identity Development
    Concept Creation
    Feasibility Study

Loomy is a truly Emirati café that combines heritage, culture and tradition with modernity in a very innovative way. It’s the perfect spot where customers can retreat from their daily life & stress to enjoy deliciously baked and garnished ‘bite size’ meals, or sipping healthy and aromatic beverages inspired by Emirati cuisine.

The unique ambience of the café, which beautifully blends with the modern settings of todays’ Dubai, will take the flavors and smell of home cooking to a new level.

Loomy Café is a brand that truly positions the Emirati culture, its people, their timeless hospitality and values wrapped in tradition, yet always modern and forward moving. It’s a brand that reflects UAE’s uniquely evolving and multi-cultural society.