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Whether it’s for an established business or a new concept, our 21 years expertise in F&B business incubation ensures successful turn-key execution

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Business Analysis & Evaluation

This Analysis is an expedited special task of 2 to 3 weeks intensive on and offsite analysis conducted by various team members to collect data related to all areas. It also aims at approaching the locations with a mystery shopper angle to gauge live results from 'customer' angle. The team assigned will provide a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations after the analysis.

Execution & Taking Action to Fix

This is the phase where our entire team gets busy with assisting your team to improve your restaurant business. This phase includes all the steps and actions required to complete the recommendations that were set in the report.

BOH (Back of House Operations) Analysis

We will evaluate your entire BOH operations, from production, receiving and storing procedures, HACCP & Safety to recipe standardization, sooking methods, interviewing your BOH staff and evaluate their motivational levels, etc.

  • Analysis of Receiving & Storing Procedures in Practice.
  • Analysis of HACCP & Safety Compliance in Store.
  • Analysis of Inventory Systems & Controls for Daily, Weekly & Monthly Inventory Reporting Compliance.
  • Analysis of Store’s Prepping & Cooking Methods & Control Systems.
  • Analysis of Store’s Food Cost Control, Waste Systems in place.
  • Analysis of Store’s Recipe Standardization & Presentation.
  • Analysis of Staff Job Descriptions & Productivity based on Sales & Labor hours.
  • Senior Chef Interview & Performance evaluation based on Industry standard guidelines.
  • Analysis of Training Status, skilled staff training programs in place.
  • Staff motivation & appraisal systems in place or l acking.
  • RSI Recommendations on performance & improvement through report.

FOH (Front of the House Operations) Analysis

We will evaluate your entire FOH operations, from serving style, up-selling methods, complaint handling, menu engineering, interviewing your FOH staff and evaluate their motivation, appraisal systems in place, etc.

  • Analysis of Service Standards in Place.
  • Analysis of Meet & Greet, Order Taking, Menu Knowledge, Serving style, Up-Selling methods.
  • Complaint handling & Table Clearance standards.
  • Analysis of Menu Engineering techniques used or lacking in Menu.
  • Analysis of Restaurant’s appeal as an F&B destination with Ambience & Experience perspective.
  • Analysis of restaurant’s Product pricing & portion standards – Pro-sales.
  • Analysis of Restaurant’s Beverage offerings, Bar potential v/s actual Sales.
  • Senior F&B Manager Interview & Performance evaluation based on Industry standard guidelines.
  • Analysis of Training Status, skilled staff training programs in place.
  • Staff motivation & appraisal systems in place or lacking.
  • RSI Recommendations on performance & improvement through report.

Marketing Analysis

During marketing analysis, we evaluate your offline and online marketing presences, the tools are used to market your restaurant, advertising and PR efforts, in-house marketing tools, restaurant ambient, ease of access to restaurant and provide you with recommendations on current marketing strength & weaknesses to improve.

  • Analysis In-House Marketing Tools like Menu, Promotions, Dessert & Beverage Sales Boosters.
  • Analysis of Website, Social Media & PR efforts.
  • Analysis of Advertising & presence of Brand in all Trade required publication listings.
  • Analysis of External Marketing efforts.
  • Analysis of Marketing & visibility on Property.
  • Analysis of ease of access to Restaurant via location, parking, convenience & incentives to customers.
  • RSI Recommendations on current Marketing Strengths/ Weaknesses & improvement through report.

Financial Reporting Analysis

We will analyze your financial reporting system in place and its compliance, then we provide recommendations on current systems, and improvement.

  • Analysis of current MIS Reporting systems in place.
  • Analysis of Industry Crucial reports for Financial Controls – Compliant or lack of compliance.
  • RSI Recommendations on current Reporting systems & improvement recommended through report.

Profit Channel Functionality Analysis

Analysis of Restaurants, Culinary Demo Studio, Online Delivery Profit Channels.

Analysis & Recommendation of Personnel & Management Team

This step is the analysis of the team needed to perform and execute long term plans and strategies for sustenance of the business.

Market Research & Concept Development

  1. Concept Research & Rationale
    All great ideas start with a simple thought. We provide you with the Concept Idea Presentation, which starts with thorough industry research conducted by our Research & Development Team, after which a unique concept is strategized, planned and created.
  2. Concept Idea with 'Raison D'etre'
    The Concept Idea Presentation forms the creative foundation of all collaterals, it is the first step to brining your restaurant dream to life.
  3. Business Model Canvas Development
    Greatness cannot be achieved without a monumental blueprint, and that’s what the Business Model Canvas is. BMC includes, market analysis for concept justification, concept description, brand blueprint, brand communication, brand visuals, brand experience, product, profit channels, operations, HR, marketing brand identity, etc.
  4. Full Identity formation
    We create brand identity that delivers that initial promise or initial feeling it has invoked in the customer through its product, service and experience. By identifying what makes you exciting and bringing that to life, we can help craft a powerful brand which adds tremendous value to your restaurant.
  5. Conceptual Brochure / Company Profile
    Brand's entire concept visualized and expressed via a professionally designed brochure using inspirational images.
  6. Conceptual Promotional Video
    Brand’s Concept Brochure visualized and expressed via a video presentation.
  7. Conceptual Uniform design
    Our effective branding strategy is consistent & creative and uniforms play big role in communicating this message across to the consumer. We make sure we deliver the message across. We will create a uniform inspirational file for BOH and FOH staff.
  8. Conceptual Interior Inspirational Mood Board
    We will create an inspirational design mood board related to brand look and feel.
  9. Comprehensive Five Years Feasibility Study
    The difference between well-managed companies and not-so-well managed companies is the degree of attention they pay to the numbers. We offer you in this study up to 5 Years Operating Projections/Comprehensive Feasibility Study. Only your numbers can tell you if your restaurant is performing the way it should be or not. Let's help you in starting right.


  1. Obtaining Prime Location for your Business
    One of the keys for developing a successful restaurant is to understand how to choose a suitable site. The process of site selection is not an exact science but there are a number of principles that guide any brand in evaluating different site opportunities.
  2. BOH & FOH Interior Design
    Every restaurateur wants an operational space that enables him to execute his concept. Design to a restaurant is as important as ‘Personality’ to a human. The key word here is ‘Personality’. More than just ‘beautiful’ interiors, a restaurant’s design needs to communicate its brand & personality through the ambience.
  3. Tendering and Fit Out Project Management
    We will be on board with the client’s chosen Fit Out Contractor to provide clarification to queries raised during the tender period and participate in the tender appraisal. During this stage we will work with the clients chosen Fit Out Contractor to bring the design to quote.
  4. Pre-Opening Operations Support
    Our associates will liaise with all Client's Assigned management & staff to direct the process of opening your store. We will meet regularly and periodically with the team and the owners to follow up on the progress. We will ensure that the Pre-Opening Manuals are followed & supervised by us for a timely opening.
  5. BOH & FOH Headhunting
    Deciding on whether to hire or pass on a job candidate is one of the most important decisions you make. The difference between making a good or bad hiring decision is huge in terms of your team's morale, employee problems, guest service and even your own sanity. You can hire easy and manage tough or hire tough and manage easy, so take your pick.
  6. Kitchen & Bar Menu Development
    During the menu development phase, we will create menu direction plan, menu item presentation and style guidelines, menu item portion guide, menu recipe manual, we will conduct menu tastings in our culinary studio, and we will assist with sourcing suppliers.
  7. Creation of the Entire Operations Manuals
    This includes a comprehensive FOH Restaurant Operating System, Comprehensive Restaurant Personnel Management Restaurant Operating System, and a Comprehensive BOH Restaurant Operating System.
  8. BOH & FOH Comprehensive Training Program
    The importance of new restaurant training is to ensure that employees have enough time to feel comfortable with their job. With well-trained employees you can feel confident about the service that your customers will receive.
    No marketing efforts can be truly effective, measurable and implemented without the right people and systems to convert the marketing into actual sales and repeat sales. We will train your staff to perform at the ‘A Level’ expectation that your marketing has promised via its communication.
  9. Brand Positioning & Blueprint
    “Brand Positioning is an organized system for finding a window in the mind. It is based on the concept that communication can only take place at the right time and under the right circumstances.”
    As your Brand Strategists we shall develop a brand positioning strategy and then a brand management strategy that aims to provide more of such ‘right circumstances’ so your brand can communicate & position itself favorably in your consumers’ mind.
  10. Marketing Strategy
    Our immersive process allows us to develop a bespoke strategy that will impact your entire brand at every touchpoint. From the most intricate platform-specific campaigns to simple eye-catching in-restaurant offers and everywhere in between, we target existing customers and capture new ones using a mix of market knowledge, in-depth research and commercial insights.
  11. Professional Food Photography
    We will style and capture food images that truly reflect the conceptual idea of the brand and dining experience.
  12. Website Design & Content Development
    Websites are built bespoke to the needs of your business, our websites are more than a digital hub – our unique approach aims to bring your brand to life online whilst maximizing sales conversions.


  1. Post Opening Auditing & Operational Support
    One of our consultants will conduct Operations Assessment Walk-Thru Auditing. Followed by a comprehensive report. The Consultancy Auditing Report will cover the following departments: service, hosting, bar, BOH, FOH, store general management, guest relations.
  2. Setting up & Monitoring the Inventory & Purchasing Systems
    One off Accounting Set Up fee For The Restaurant Quickbooks / XERO Accounting System. Trainings Execution of the entire systems.
  3. Ongoing F&B Accounting Management
    Monthly management and auditing on your accounting in the following areas, analyze invoicing, accounts payable management, accounts receivable management, cash management, cost control, etc.
  4. Ongoing Brand & Marketing Management
    The unique approach in our brand management strategy that sets us apart in achieving dynamic results is the fact that as Consultants we not only position & strategies your brand communication we also monitor & audit its real-life customer encounter internally.
  5. Social Media Marketing
    Reach and engage the people that really matter to your brand. We develop creative content then use advanced precision targeting, we help you create a social buzz to amplify your message.
  6. Graphic Design & Marketing Collaterals Design
    We have years of experience in producing creative design from websites and mobile applications to graphic illustration such as custom icons, menus and promotional materials. We offer in-house web design services and are able to project manage the creative process to eliminate hassle and turn projects around quickly.
  7. Brand Cinematography & Photography (incl: Instagrammable Photography)
    Our photography represents the brand with a distinct and consistent visual language, creating an emotional connection with customers. Photo should do more than showcase a setting. It should tell a story, capturing particular moment in time.
  8. Digital Online Marketing & SEM
    Brands need to acquire new customers to grow creative digital advertising campaigns target new and existing customer with exciting messages that influence behavior change.
  9. Monthly Mystery Shopper Service
    Conduct Mystery Shopper analysis once a month (Dine In & Delivery if offered OR Take away) for real-life reports on Brand experience. Mystery shopping reports can serve as an important way to identify what your staff is doing right and provide insights you and your managers may be missing of where improvements need to be made
  10. Press Release Distribution
    Excellent relationships are at the core of our work. We believe it is important to give media only the assets they need to create their own editorial; our press releases are short, informative, to the point and we never forget the importance of the visual.